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Here are a few stories that are in the book. We just wanted to give you a little look at what some of the stories are like. Of course there are lots of pictures in every chapter and throughout the book. Some of the pictures are with other well known personalities in the Trop Rock community as well as some Country Stars, Surfing Legends, Folk and Rock Legends and a couple of guys that either played on stage with Jimmy or as they were doing an interview with him. There are a couple of great stories of their encounters with Jimmy, where a song grew out of it or in one case his musical career. Also lots of pictures of Parrot Head and Margarita M.A.F.I.A. Gatherings at some of your favorite events, reunions, or cruises around the country. In most of those pictures you'll see a singer/songwriter or two. And look closely because you may just be in one or more of these pictures. In fact I'd be willing to bet that if you were at one of those events there is a good chance you are in the picture. Check out the "Photos" coconut tab for a sampling of some of the pictures in the book. Enjoy!

James “Sunny Jim” White


I wrote “Research” thinking about the idea that being a song writer you're always just looking for a funny song angle. So I thought hey, you can blame anything on, "I was just doing it for research about a song I'm writing".

Splendid Adventurer

After sailing with my best friend, Captain Phil Jones, on his 40 foot catamaran sailboat called the "Splendid Adventurer" I came up with this song. Somewhere along the way, one of us said, "A Happy heart makes a happy boat". We still think each of us said it first but we can't agree who did say it first. That ended up in the song and I've been singing this song for years now. And as you know, every melody comes from somewhere and the chorus of the song, "Sail on Splendid Adventurer" sounds an awful like "Born Free, as free as the wind blows". One day Captain Phil was docked at a port playing the song "Splendid Adventurer" blasting from his boat and an elderly guy comes swimming over to the boat and says, you're playing my song. And Captain Phil says, no Sunny Jim wrote that song. And the guy says, “No I wrote that song, that's my song,” and he sings "Born Free as free as the wind blows". So the words are different but the melody to the chorus is pretty similar. There are only so many notes out there.

Howard Livingston

Where the Heck is Kokomo?

The Beach Boys had their hit song Kokomo and it talked about this great place in the Florida Keys. So on my first trip to the Keys I was thinking I wanted to go to Kokomo, not realizing that there was no such place in the Keys. So I came down here and was asking people, “Hey, where’s Kokomo, where’s Kokomo?“ And they’re laughing, “There’s no such place as Kokomo!” And I’d ask somebody else, and get the same response. After I was here a while I realized though, there really is a Kokomo, and it’s wherever you’re at, if you’ve got that feeling. So Kokomo’s everywhere not just one place. What’s funny is there is a Kokomo, Indiana and it’s about 30 miles from where I lived when I was living in Indiana for a while.

Brent Burns
If It’s Snowbird Season Why Can’t We Shoot ‘Em

“If It’s Snowbird Season Why Can’t We Shoot ‘Em?” is on my first CD, “Livin’ The Life (Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About).” The song’s been very good to me. It gets radio play throughout the southeast every snowbird season.
When I first started coming to Gulf Shores, AL, now my hometown, it was in the early 70’s. It was a small town catering mainly to summer tourists. As the years have gone on, the area has become increasingly popular as a year round destination. Mainly older folks from up north who have the time and money come here to escape the brutal winters of Michigan and Minnesota. Why wouldn’t they? The coldest winter day here is early spring weather there! As these people began to migrate south every winter, they were affectionately tagged as “snowbirds.”

Now, I love my snowbird friends! They really do a lot of good things while they’re here for the winter. For instance… let me think about this. Oh yeah! While the snowbirds are here, this area is MUCH safer. We hardly have any high speed accidents. Let me say this. If you’re driving around Gulf Shores in winter and a car from Michigan passes you, it’s STOLEN! Also, the snowbirds have taken math to a higher level here. Not many of us locals can figure a 3% tip in our heads. . . . rest of the story in the book . . .

Peter Mayer
Blue Guitar

I wanted to mention Roger Guth who is an amazing writer. He's also Jimmy's Drummer of course. We were in the band PM together and he brought in a song when I was in a Boston hotel room called "Blue Guitar." He said "Listen I've got a song that I'm really excited about but I don't want you to play it for Jimmy because I'm afraid that he's gonna want it." So he plays me this chorus and I really liked it, and he said "Do you wanna finish it with me". And I'm like, "Are you kidding, let's do it". So we finish the song and Roger put it on his album "Scotch." A couple years later Roger came to me and he said, "You know that song Blue Guitar, you should sing that, I think you'd sound great doing that." So I put it on my album "Romeo's Garage." . . . rest of the story in the book . . .

Scott Nickerson (the founder of PHiP, Inc.)

Some memorable encounters with Jimmy

In the early years, we would get tickets to the Buffett concerts and backstage passes and would get to hang with Jimmy Buffett before his concerts started. Back then it was a lot more relaxed than it is today as far as who is being allowed back stage. Jimmy would come out and talk with us, mostly small talk. He was really a nice guy, just like your next door neighbor. The picture of me and Jimmy on my web site is because I had asked to interview Jimmy and he agreed to do it. The picture of us on the web site was off the video taping of the interview. It was fun doing the interview, but I was nervous and really didn't know what to say. It turns out the Buffett heritage on his father's side is the same as mine. His grandfather was from Nova Scotia, Canada. They were both sailors out of Halifax. So that's sort of where our conversation was mostly centered around.

One year my Parrot Head club threw a surprise roasting party for me. It started off with Buffett on video that was pre-recorded for me personally. He said some very flattering things to me about having done an impressive job playing his music for so many years. Since it was my "roast" he said he hoped I had a lot of sauce put on me and had plenty of reeferettes to lick it off! That a was such a perfect way to end the video. I feel honored that Jimmy made it for me in the first place. It was a true surprise.
More stories by Scott in the book.

Bob Karwin
Never Met the Man

Every musician needs to have a fun, goofy song in their arsenal that is a sure-fire guarantee to get people singing, laughing and dancing. This one is mine.

In my career, I have played at 4 different Margaritaville Cafes, performed with almost every member of the Coral Reefer Band, entertained Margaritaville Spirits VIPs just steps away from the stage door of Jimmy Buffett shows and strummed my way through more parrot head club parties than I can count, but I have never met Jimmy Buffett. People I tell that to seem to find that fact very funny.

The worst part is that, after I tell someone that I haven’t met Jimmy Buffett, they proceed to tell me their story about when they DID meet him. Most of them are complete lies. I had one person tell me that he was in Ensenada, Mexico and Jimmy was at the bar and they hung out and drank beers all night. Lie! I had another person tell me that he was renting a house for the summer in Australia and Jimmy was living in the house next door. They became good neighbor/friends and Jimmy would come over for barbeques. Lie!

. . . more about this story and his others in the book . . .

Jim Morris

My favorite non-drinking song: I guess my favorite song that I've written is "It's Always Been That Way".
It's Always Been That Way (Bocanuts CD)

Well, there's some drinking involved in the song, like most of my songs I guess (laughing). It's about a guy who's really having a difficult time getting over a relationship. So he spends most of his days in the bar. The song begins with “good morning bartender” and ends with “good night bartender.” It’s a part of his grieving process. Every now and then you write a song that you feel is the total package, both lyrically and musically. I feel that way about this song.

. . . other stories by Jim Morris in the book:
Laid Back and Key Wasted, The Floating Opera , Old Man Tom, The Things You Do When You're Drinking, Turning Nights Into Stories, The Ballad of Coconut Pete

Gary Seiler

A little bit About Gary Seiler and how he got started in the music business

I'm Gary Seiler, I'm a Trop Rock artist, I'm a Cowboy singer, I've been a Country Western fan my whole life. I was headed down a corporate career path that I would have done really well at and along came Jimmy Buffett's "Changes in Latitude" album and completely ruined my life, but sent it down a whole different path and I've been blessed ever since.
I'd like to tell how all of this got started. Back in 1989, I hosted a pre-Jimmy Buffett party and ended up getting a free backstage pass that night. Well I had a couple of Corona's in me and when I got back stage I was looking around as Jimmy Buffett's band takes the stage. It was the year they were recording "Feeding Frenzy" and I hear the band start to play and I'm running to my seat and I pass Jimmy Buffett's dressing room. Well, . . . I gotta look! . . . So I push the door open and inside there was a guitar, a bottle of Cuervo Tequila, there were beers in there, there was his change of clothes that he was gonna put on after his show and there was a baseball cap. On the baseball cap, which I didn't realize at the time, was a big gold embossed marlin. Well I thought, . . . I'm gonna swipe the baseball cap. I got Jimmy Buffett's cap!!! So I stuck it in my shirt, I run out to my third row seat for that concert, Buffett threw out one of his picks, I ended up getting it, I got to shake his hand that night, it was very special.

Well when I sobered up the next morning I realized I stole his hat and it had gold on it and I felt really bad about it all day. I decided I had to get the hat back to him. . . . the cool ending is in the book . . .

Along with a bunch more of his stories.

Will Kimbrough
A Lot to Drink About - CD Buffet Hotel (Jimmy Buffett's)

I flew from frozen Nashville to St Bart’s early one January morning. I'd played a show with my band, DADDY, the night before, so there was not a lot of sleeping involved. Crashed out that night. The next morning, I was working on new tunes with Mr. Buffett. He's a creative dude, so I had to be on my toes. One of our working titles was "A Lot to Drink About" which I loved, so after we'd worked on songs all day, I stayed up, burning a little midnight oil, and wrote several verses for "A Lot to Drink About." The next day I surprised Jimmy with a whole slew of verses. Not all of them made the final cut, but quite a few did. Research was easy - - - it was in the thick of the financial crisis - - - I just read the newspaper online and searched my memory banks for phrases I had overheard in bars.

. . . more of his stories about Jimmy and his family . . .

Jimmy Maraventano, Jimmy and the Parrots

We Owe It All to Jimmy

. . . . "We Owe It All to Jimmy" is basically a thank you from all the Parrot Heads and for making it so great.
Jimmy realized that the music of Bob Marley and Harry Belafonte was something that was different and exciting and exotic but that it needed something different. An American feel to it so that we could relate to the music. And he found that, whether on purpose or by accident. But he has given us something to build on, to emulate and to evolve into something even more than he could have imagined. Some people have said that the torch is already being passed to the Zac Brown's or Kenny Chesney's or other established country stars to build on what he started.

. . . more Jimmy's music, songs and stories in the book . . .

Dennis McCaughey

Table For Two

My wife and I have a little boat that we take out on the Susquehanna River in the summertime. It's a little 18-foot Sea Ray motor boat. One afternoon a few years ago we decided to knock off work early (back when we both had real jobs) and headed down to our boat on a beautiful summer afternoon. We had a bottle of wine (maybe some beer, but wine sounds better, so we'll just leave it as that) and some snacks. It turned into a beautiful summer evening and we cruised around on the river for awhile and then anchored in the middle of the river. There were hardly any boats around and we sat there sipping our wine, eating our snacks and watching the sunset on a gorgeous summer night. So I came up with the song because it was one of those special nights that I'll always remember. The premise of the song is that you don't need to go to a four star restaurant or fancy hotel or tropical resort to re-connect with your loved one. All you really need is to make the right time, find the right place and keep that reservation for a table for two always open and you can have just as good a time there. Doyle Grisham played pedal steel on this song, which made the recording extra special.

There are 56 Singer/Songwriters featured in the book, 1 TV producer and an Actor. The TV show is “twentysixmiles” produced by Rob Miller and starring John Schneider. Check out the Trop Rock link coconut tab to learn more about this TV show and to see all the Singer/Songwriters that are in the book. Click on there name and go to their website and buy their CDs.

My Challenge to the readers. And a contest too.

There are 56 singer/songwriters, actor, producer and author featured in this book. My offer is that the person that can get the most signatures on the first 6 signature pages of the book by the end of MOTM 2013 will get their picture in the second book, along with a FREE FULL COLOR edition copy of the second book. All I need is a photo copy of the pages with all the signatures and a hi-resolution picture of you holding the book. You need to have everyone sign the first 6 signature pages to qualify. They can sign anywhere else in the book that you like as well but those will not count towards the contest.
The contest will officially end after the MOTM 2013 closes but we'll give you until November 30, 2013 to email us your picture with the book and copies of the signature pages or send everything via regular snail mail. This will give you over two years to get as many signatures as you can. Protect the book in a case or plastic cover so it doesn't get beat up. Then send us a copy of all the signatures and a hi-resolution picture of yourself. The winner will be determined by March 1, 2014.

All this is explained in the book as well. So be sure to get the book because there is only a limited number being printed for this first edition.


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