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Just click on the web link to go to their web site. We hope to get more links here for more trop rock artists/bands that are not in the book.

Andy and Matt Thompson Howard Livingston Mark Mulligan
Barefoot Man Hugo Duarte Michael "Panama" Thomas
Bob Karwin J. Hanson Peter Mayer
Brent Burns Jerry Diaz Rob Mehl
Brian Roberts Jerry Gontag Rob Miller
Chris Sacks Jim Hoehn Ron Bell
Cindy Walsh Jim Morris Ronnie Tsunami
Crawdaddy Jimi Pappas Sam L. Rainwater
Dave Calhoun Jimmy Maravanteno Scott Kirby
Del Suggs Jimmy Pirate Scott Nickerson
Dennis McCaughey   Steve Weams
Gary Philips John McDonald Steven E Youngblood
Gary Seiler John Reno Sunny Jim
Gary Sneed Johnny Russler Swim Skinny
Gene Mitchell Kelly Brown Tall Paul
Giddyup Dave Kelly McGuire Tom and Michelle Becker
Goomba Richie Kevin Johnston Whaleshark
Gregory B Kerkera Kevin Mulvenna Will Kimbrough
Dave McKenney Lenore Troia  


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